Wallmaax Floorex is a premium blended PU based special emulsion paint to protect and beautify your exterior floor tiles. It is suitable for the cement tiles fixed to driveways, walk ways, terrace and for any plain cement surface. It protects your exterior floor tiles from sun, rain and algae and fungal attack and gives your tiles a superior glossy finish.

Pigments : Titanium Dioxide High Performance Additives, High Quality Mineral Extenders
Binder : Styrene Acrylic
Dilution : 20-30% by volume with clean potable water
Colours : Brilliant White & Base
Texture : Rich Matt Finish
Touch dry : 30 Minutes
Hard dry : 8 hrs.
Washability : 2 Weeks.
Recoating Time : 2 3 hrs
Coverage : 50-70 sqft / kg in 2 coats.
(Coverage depends on the substrate condition)
Application Method : Brushing, Rolling or Spraying
Pack Size : 1 Kg, 2 Kg, 5 Kg, 10 Kg & 20 Kg
  • Wash the surface vigorously with water jet to remove all foreign materials.
  • Scrape off old paints.
  • Do patching using cement, sand mixture.
  • Allow to dry.
  • Apply Wallmaax Floorex by any of the following methods. Brush, spray and sponge. Under normal conditions no thinning is required. In case thinning is required, a maximum quantity of 10% of pure water can be added.
  • Single coat is normally sufficient where there is no color change.
  • If there is a color change, apply second coat giving an interval of minimum 2 hrs per coat.