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Color Psychology Can Help You Get Psyched for Interior Painting

Skillful interior decorating is largely an artistic endeavor, but there’s some science involved also, and none more important than having an understanding of the psychology of color.

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Spread Cheer This Holiday Season by Applying a Bright-Colored Interior Paint

For nearly everyone, the year-end holidays are a joyful time when we use colorful lights, shiny ornaments, and pretty gift-wrappings to make our surroundings more festive. Why not go a step further this year and celebrate the season with a bright new interior paint job?

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Get Compliments on Your Color Scheme by Using Complementary Paint Colors

Complementary color schemes can be used to great effect when doing either interior or exterior painting. They work almost anywhere, because the paint colors tend to balance one another visually and somehow produce in us a positive psychological response.

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