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Wallmaax Paints Private Limited is an ISO certified company, ranked among the leading medium conglomerates on the horizon of the paint industry. With the progressive growth it has made, ever since its inception, today it has an outstanding network of dealers all over Kerala.
Our color expertise and advanced technological innovation are evident in our extensive range, which not only transforms homes into beautiful spaces but keeps them looking great for longer. Our color collections are expertly crafted by our proficient color team, providing combinations that match every desire.


We at Wallmaax, strive to be the best at what we do and unwaveringly aim to be the dominant market leader in the paint industry.

To bring the sum total of our hard work, dedication, commitment, conviction and application of science to the fullest with strict and uncompromising adherence to quality.


Wallmaax Paints is an ISO certified paint manufacturer which has its manufacturing units in Kerala, India. The company incessantly continues its research to bring out the better quality products.
Being manufactured and tested in the extreme weather conditions of Kerala, the paint products from Wallmaax Paints offers the customer more value for their money.
The company has products in every category of paint industry - wall paints, exterior wall paints, metal paints, wooden paints, tile paint, roof coat/ leak proof paint etc. Wallmaax Melamine and PU (Polyurethane) based Super Gloss Enamel is an enduring solvent-based enamel that protects your wood and metal.
To ensure quality, Wallmaax Paints uses only the best raw materials available in the market.Wallmaax is the only paint company in India to use the raw materials used only by internationally acclaimed premium paint products. Its raw material suppliers’ list includes BASF, Dove, English India Clay, KMML etc.
The company gives warranty for all its products, and this makes it stand out among its Asian peers in the field of home and office painting.


Wallmaax Paints Private Ltd brings out high-quality paint products. In each phase of the manufacturing process, Wallmaax products go through quality checks against set parameters. These phase by phase quality checks are in place because Wallmaax needs its products to be friendly to nature and human beings while fulfilling the expectations of the end user. The quality aspects of Wallmaax paints include better coverage, smoother appearance and durability. Moreover, they are easier to apply. The Wallmaax products have better surface quality. These properties keep the walls smarter and beautiful for a long time. The smart, beautiful and vibrant walls ensure the high energy level around it. Because of its high quality, Wallmaax paints get the job done easily and fast with just a few coats. These paints possess a very low drying time which will save the user their quality time for better things.

Better Coverage
Paint products from Wallmaax Paints Pvt Ltd. offers better coverage. The high-quality paints from Wallmaax are creamier and thicker in texture. So you need not go for more coats over the finished area. Hence the paint that is creamier and thicker gives better coverage. Better coverage matters on all surfaces and especially on larger areas like ceiling and walls. Better coverage is important also in areas from where the paint film tends to peel off. The coverage of paint has a direct impact on your time and money. More coverage saves your time, as you need not go over it again. It also saves your money as you require less quantity to paint large areas.

Smoother Appearance
Wallmaax Paints Pvt. Ltd. brings out high-quality paints that give a better and smooth appearance to the walls. Wallmaax paints don’t splash and this is very helpful when you are painting the ceiling where chances of paint splashes are more. Moreover, these high-quality paints do not sprinkle nor scatters much. These paints have less sagging. As the products of Wallmaax Paints Pvt Ltd do not suffer from drips, they give you smudge free walls and ceilings.

Wallmaax Paints Pvt Ltd tests its products for ensuring longer durability. When it comes to buying paint, its color is one of the main factors. Along with the eagerness to select the right and apt color, one has to be aware that quality paint has the merit of lasting color. Wallmaax paints have a lasting effect throughout the year. They are made to withstand the roughest weather conditions, scratches, and fungus attacks. Rain, sunshine and various chemical reactions throw threats to the life of the paint. But Wallmaax Paints contain properties and ingredients to defeat these and to protect your walls for a long time. Wallmaax paints with lasting color maintain the original tone of the paint for a longer period. Wallmaax paints resist yellowing of white paints. Alkali, found in domestic cleaning fluids can affect the paint film leading to fading of color. Wallmaax paints are protected with properties to resist the alkali attack too.

Easier to Apply
Wallmaax paints are easier to apply because it is made with better ingredients that perform well. Wallmaax paints often include water-based acrylic polymer technology. This makes it easier to apply on all surfaces. Wallmaax paints are easier to handle when applying. Since these high-quality paints move smoothly, brush marks are not visible and the result is an even finish everywhere on the surface.