Bondx Epoxy Topcoat is a high-performance metal primer designed to offer excellent corrosion protection to metal substrates. Extending the life of structural steel is made easier with our corrosion resistant Bondx Epoxy Topcoat.

Pigments :
Binder :
Dilution :
Colours :
Texture :
Touch dry :
Hard dry :
Washability :
Recoating Time :
Coverage :
Application Method : Brushing ,Rolling & Spraying.
Pack Size : 1 Kg, 4 Kg, 10 Kg & 20 Kg
  • Keep surface clean and dry. Sand the surface to remove the rust from the metal surface.
  • Apply two coats of Wallmaax Epoxy Primer on this metal surface with a six-hour time difference between the application of two coats.
  • Then with a four-hour time gap, apply two coats of Wallmaax Epoxy Topcoat over it.
  • For best result use only Wallmaax thinner on Epoxy Topcoat and Primer at the ratio of 200 ml to 1 litre respectively.