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The paint on my wall is peeling. Why is this happening? What can I do to stop it?
This is due to poor surface preparation, or a surface that is too powdery due to skim coats. To correct, remove the unstable paint film completely. Clean the surface and let it dry completely. Repaint with two coats of Waallmaax Primeseal Wall Primer.


How is the Waallmaax StainEx different from any other stain removing emulsions?
The available stain removable paints in the current market guarantees to remove stains of food, dirt, crayons. But the components of Waallmaax StainEx emulsion are intelligently chosen so that even hard stains like permanent markers, pencil mark, pen mark are easily removed effortlessly by simply wiping off.
What is PU Enamel? Does Waallmaax provide PU based enamel?
PU (Polyurethane) based Enamel is an all surface solvent-based enamel that protects your wood, metal and cement surface from heat and UV radiations. It gives an everlasting glossiness to the applied surfaces. Waallmaax P U premium enamel is one among the superior of this class.
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