Wallmaax Lotus Leaf tile paint designed with Lotus Leaf Technology offers superior water repellency and 10X gloss level. It possesses high sheen, anti-corrosive and anti-fungal properties with UV-protection and anti-fading formula.

Pigments : Titanium Rutile, High Performance Additives, High Quality Mineral Extenders
Binder : Pure Acrylic
Dilution : 10-20% by volume with clean potable water.
Colours : Colours & Base
Texture : High Glossy
Touch dry : 30 Minutes
Hard dry : 8 hrs.
Washability : 2 Weeks
Recoating Time : 4 6 hrs.
Coverage : 60-80 sqft / Ltr. in 2 coats.
(Coverage is depend on the substrate condition.)
Application Method : Brushing ,Rolling & Spraying.
Pack Size : 1 Ltr, 4 Ltrs , 10 Ltrs & 20 Ltrs
  • Keep surface clean and dry. Remove dust, dirt, grease and any flaking paint from the surface and sand to smooth. Ensure there is no algae or moisture on the wall.
  • Algae or fungus on walls to be removed by high pressure wash or coir brush and to be treated with anti-fungal solution
  • For best result apply 2-3 coats of Tilemaax emulsion paint in a duration of 4-6 hrs.
  • For best result apply Tilemaax emulsion on both sides of the tiles.