Wallmaax P U Melamine is a novel product developed in our laboratory incorporating the latest technology. It's a trending wood finish available in current market. Unlike other P U Melamine, Wallmaax P U Melamine is truly eco-friendly. Wallmaax P U Melamine can be undoubtedly applied on any other wood finishes that have been already applied

  • First, make sure the wood is completely dry.
  • Sand the wood surface with a 120 mm sandpaper.
  • Apply two coat of wood sealer after leveling the holes.
  • Smooth the wood surface again with a 320/400 sandpaper.
  • Apply two to three coats of Waallmaax P U Melamine ( mix 100-150 ml Waallmaax P U Melamine thinner to 1 litre P U Melamine) on the prepared wood surface.